Get Noticed with Quality Resumes by Ed Bagley

In an economy where employment situations seem often on a precipitous edge, achieving career development, or even stability, can sometimes feel like a pipe dream.

You send out countless resumes, maybe get a couple interviews, but nothing takes.

Is the competitiveness of the job market to blame? Possibly, but in order to get that market to notice you, you need to market yourself.

And that’s where I come in.  At Quality Resumes by Ed Bagley, I don’t just write resumes. I prepare you for continued future success filled with career advancements, higher income, and the confidence to grow.

Why You Should Hire a Professional (And Not Write a Resume Yourself)

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Pulitzer Prize Winner – it’s almost impossible to write your own effective resume. The resume must sell its candidate, and selling yourself against your own standards is like pricing a Lamborghini at the value of a beat-up Dodge truck.

An objective, professional resume writer is the best choice for securing a resume that will get you places. With more than 30 years of expert resume writing experience to offer, here are three very good reasons why I should create your resume and cover letter project: 

1)  I have been a professional writer for more than 50 years, and know how to generate success.

If you were a professional athlete getting paid millions of dollars to play football, wouldn’t you want to play for the best team with the best coach?  Money only goes so far – even if you have a lot of it. Athletes strive and train to win championships for the fame and glory, not just for the money.

2)   I am a results-proven professional resume writer and marketer with a measurable track record of client success.

I have been penning peerless, quality resumes for 30+ years, and have helped more than 5,900 clients get jobs with my resume writing skills and talent. I am sure that somewhere in this great land there is another resume writer and marketer who has claimed similar figures, but that doesn’t mean anything without palpable proof.

In my office are the original hard copy files of all 5,900+ plus clients to prove my client base. Talk spreads the word, but tangible results create a lasting impression.

3)  What I do for each client works again, and again and again.

Results count, the rest is just talk.

My clients know this, and that’s why I get the same clients returning to me, again and again. One client actually commissioned 39 separate writing and marketing projects.

With my personable, detailed, and professional services, clients achieve new jobs with more salary, more benefits, and better prospects of moving up.

And you could too.

There is a reason I’ve had more than 5,900 clients and counting. And the reason is simple.

What I do, and what I advise clients to do, works.  Period.  

For more information and questions on how I can help you achieve a better job and a brighter future, give me a call today at 800-965-6484!

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